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Harlaxton College courses are taught by a combination of British faculty and visiting U.S. faculty. Occasionally, a UWEC faculty member may be present and offering a course.

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Semester Students: You will enroll in three to four courses for a total of 12 to 15 credits at Harlaxton College. You are required to enroll in the six-credit British Studies course, which comes back to UW-Eau Claire as 2 three-credit courses. Three different versions of the British Studies course are available: lower division, upper division and upper division Honors. 

Beginning Fall 2020: Semester students will enroll in four courses for a total of 12 credits. You will only be required to enroll in ONE, three-credit British Studies Course. The second British Studies course will be optional. To fill your schedule, you will enroll in additional elective credits. 

Honors Options (available both semesters): 
  • BRIT 382H British Studies Honors (UWEC's elective Upper Division, GE3, LE-K2). 
  • In addition to the specific course listed, students can turn any Harlaxton course into an Honors course by contracting with the professor to complete additional work. A petition must be filled out to count any of the courses towards a UWEC Honors requirement. Discuss a petition with the UWEC Honors Program.
Harlaxton offers a nursing option in the fall semester, and there is no longer a limit on how many qualified nursing students can participate! If you are a UWEC nursing major in the first-semester of your junior year, you can apply to spend the first-semester of your senior year at Harlaxton. (Note that courses offered at Harlaxton do not contain content in acute pediatrics.) Please read the course substitution plan for the nursing option: Harlaxton Study Abroad. For questions about this option and course transfer, please contact your Nursing advisor and the Harlaxton study abroad coordinator at the Center for International Education.

If you are interested, complete a change of program form with the College of Nursing at the same time that you apply to the Harlaxton program. If your change of program form is not on file with Nursing, your application will not be considered complete! 

Summer Students
You can opt to take one or two classes (3-6 credits) on the summer program. You are required to list both first choice and alternate courses on your application. The British Studies course is not offered in the summer. Tentative course offerings are below; however, courses require a minimum of eight students to run. Courses that have met enrollment will be announced in February prior to the program. 

Beginning in summer 2020, summer students will have the option to add on an internship option at the end of the program. This will be a three credit internship and will cost an additional amount. In addition, students will need to obtain the Tier 4 visa, which is another additional fee. Students must complete the 5-week summer program in order to be eligible for the internship. 

UW-Eau Claire Equivalencies

Below are the course offerings and currently established course equivalencies by term. You can find course descriptions here.
Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Summer 2020 (updated 10/1/19)
Fall 2020 (updated 10/1/19)
Spring 2021(updated 10/1/19)

Liberal Education Requirements

If you are in catalog year 2016-2017 or later, you can fulfill an Integrative Learning (I1) requirement through study abroad. You will opt in after being accepted to your program and must complete a series of assignments before, during and after your time abroad. Talk with your academic advisor about whether you need to complete an I1 requirement through study abroad. You must complete the first assignments prior to going abroad; retroactive enrollment is not allowed.