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Additional External Scholarships

Below you will find links to additional scholarships that may or may not be applicable to you. Click on the title to be taken to the scholarships website. Please note the CIE is not affiliated with these scholarships and only lists them as a resource for you. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Academy of International Business/Asia Institute Global Business Education Scholarship

For an international business major or minor studying in Asia. No limitations on program length.

All the Rooms, Room to Study Abroad Scholarship

No limitations on program length or location.

American College of Thessaloniki Scholarships

For students studying on the ACT Greece program. Hellenic American and merit scholarships available. 

Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation

Fall and spring semester only. No limitations on program location.

Bridging Scholarship for Study Abroad in Japan

Available to any major studying in Japan. No Japanese language requirement for scholarship application.

Boren Awards for International Study

Studying on a program outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Must be studying a language from the list Boren has posted to their website.

BUTEX UK Scholarship

Only available to our Aberdeen, Glasgow or Stirling, Scotland programs.

Corinne Jeannine Schillings Grant

Semester, year long or summer. Must be a silver or gold Girl Scout.

Education in Ireland & Go Overseas Ireland Scholarship

For students studying at an Irish University.

Education New Zealand Scholarships

Variety of scholarships available to students studying in New Zealand.

FlipKey Study Abroad Scholarship

No limitations on program length or location. 

Freeman-Asia Scholarship

Programs in China, Thailand, Japan and South Korea are eligible. Program must be at least 8 weeks in length.

Fund for Education Abroad

Variety of scholarships, including but not limited to, a scholarships for students who identify as LGBTQI. 

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

For students who are enrolling in German universities.

Good Colleges Study Abroad Award

No limitations on program location. 

Italia Rail Scholarship

For students studying in Italy.

HI USA Explore the World Scholarship

Only open to Minnesota students who have a permanent address in Hennepin County, Anoka County, Carver County, Dakota County, Ramsey County, Scott County or Washington County.

JASSO Scholarship (Japan)

Students are sent more information directly from their Japanese university, after acceptance. 

Lilly Lorenzen Scholarship

For students studying in Sweden.

National Italian American Foundation

Need to a member of the NIAF or have a parent, grandparent or guardian who is a member. Need to have at least one ancestor who has immigrated from Italy.

Scotland's Saltire Scholarships

For students studying in Scotland.

Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship

Semester long, for-credit programs. No limitations on program location.