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Level of Support: USAC, San Ramón, Costa Rica

On-Site Staff:

The Universidad de Costa Rica - La Sede de Occidente has a USAC program that provides support for students while abroad.  USAC coordinates a group flight option for students arriving from the U.S. and the on-site USAC Resident Director meets the group flight at the airport.  Upon arrival, the Resident Director will hold an orientation to help you adjust to your new surroundings and will take you to your host family's house.  The Resident Director is there as much or as little as a student may need them.  Throughout the semester, the Resident Director and additional USAC support staff organize volunteer options and extracurricular activities.  There are a few excursions planned each term and those costs are included in the program fees.

USAC does organize field studies and/or tour options each term for an additional fee.  

Health & Disability Resources

You will be provided with information regarding local health facilities during orientation on-site. It is recommended that you work with the Study Abroad Coordinator in advance if you are interested in seeing a therapist during your time in Costa Rica. 

USAC will do their best to accommodate any disabilities, but services cannot be guaranteed or may be different than what you are used to in the United States.  Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator to begin exploring what services might be available to you. 

More Information:

If you still have questions on level of support, you can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Courtney Brost (

After acceptance into the program, you will obtain more information about services, at your program location, in your program guide and in orientation materials. 

To see more information on disability accommodations, please see our website called Students with Disabilities