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Level of Support: USAC, Chiang Mai, Thailand

On-Site Staff:

USAC's on-site Resident Director provides support services for American students during their time at Chiang Mai University. USAC offers an aiport-pickup service for students that arrive on the group flight. Upon arrival, you will attend a two-day orientation including a traditional Thai dinner, all organized by USAC. The Resident Director arranges for you to live with other USAC students in apartments near campus. The Resident Director is available as much or as little as the students need them.

Throughout the semester the Resident Director will arrange a few tours that are included in the program fees, as well as offer an optional, three-day Trekking tour for supplemental costs. To learn more about the excursions and tours, click here.

Health & Disability Resources:

Modern medical facilities are accessible in Chiang Mai. If you wish to seek medical attention from an English-speaking professional, you will need to contact your Resident Director and your UWEC Program Coordinator who will work with CISI insurance to help you. 

USAC will do their best to accommodate any disabilities, but services cannot be guaranteed or may be different than what you are used to in the United States. Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator to begin exploring what services might be available to you. 

Past students have mentioned that during the spring semester, Chiang Mai's air pollution levels go up due to burning season. Burning season is when farmers in the area burn off their old crops in preparation for spring planting. The smoke settles in the Chiang Mai valley which increases the air pollution. Students are advised to wear face masks when outside. Students with asthma issues are encouraged to bring their inhaler.

More Information:

If you still have questions on level of support, you can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Jenna Krosch (

After acceptance into the program, you will obtain more information about services, at your program location, in your program guide and in orientation materials. 

To see more information on disability accommodations, please see our website called Students with Disabilities