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Level of Support: Linnaeus University, Kalmar/Växjö, Sweden

On-Site Staff:

The International Office at Linnaeus University provides support services for students while abroad. International Staff will place you in an on-campus dorm or an off-campus apartment. They also offer an airport pickup service and hold an orientation to help you adjust to life in Sweden. The staff at LNU take a more hands off approach meaning they won't reach out to you to see how it is going. If you have questions or concerns that come up, you can reach out to them and they will gladly assist you, but the student must take that first step. 

Health & Disability Resources;

The Student Welfare offices (located on each campus) at Linnaeus University offers counseling services and also has an on-campus nurse to make recommendations if necessary. They also provide little workshops on managing stress, etc. that are open to international students. To learn more about the services the welfare office provides, click here.

For information regarding disability services at Linnaeus University, please refer to their website.  LNU will do their best to accommodate your disability but please note that the level of services they provide may not meet the level you are used to in the US. Disability accommodations cannot be guaranteed. 

More Information:

If you still have questions on level of support, you can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Jenna Krosch (

After acceptance into the program, you will obtain more information about services, at your program location, in your program guide and in orientation materials. 

To see more information on disability accommodations, please see our website called Students with Disabilities