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Level of Support: Ajou University, Suwon, South Korea

On-Site Staff:

The international office staff at Ajou University is available to assist students should anything come up. They will provide an airport pick-up service, a multi-day orientation, and a few excursions throughout the semester (at an additional cost). The staff will also pair you with an Ajou Buddy, if you are interested. These students are available to help you acclimate to living in Korea. 

Health & Disability Resources:

There is an infirmary located in the student union, on campus, where students can go with common, low risk health questions or concerns. There is also a medical hospital right on campus. It is one of the top five hospitals in South Korea. If you need to visit the hospital, the international office would like you to notify them so that they can help make the arrangements and go with you if translation is needed. 

If you would like to visit an English-speaking therapist, while in Korea, it is best to work with your Study Abroad Coordinator to see what options you have. 

While Ajou will do the best to accommodate disabilities, it can be difficult to obtain the same level of services that you may receive in the US. Please contact your Study Abroad Coordinator if you have further questions or want to explore what would be available to you. 

More Information:

If you still have questions on level of support, you can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Jenna Krosch (

After acceptance into the program, you will obtain more information about services, at your program location, in your program guide and in orientation materials. 

To see more information on disability accommodations, please see our website called Students with Disabilities