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Level of Support: University of Graz, Graz, Austria

On-Site Staff:

The University of Graz has an international office that provides services to international students while abroad. The international office staff will help you make housing arrangements and they will host a "Welcome Week" orientation for all international students at the beginning of the semester. They also coordinate a "buddy program" where Austrian students are matched with international students to help with the adjustment of living in a new country. 

Health & Disability Resources:

The University of Graz requires that year-long exchange students purchase Austrian Student Health Insurance, in addition to their CISI insurance plan. There is no on-campus medical staff but the International Office will provide you with a list of English-speaking doctors during orientation. 

Disability services are offered by the Disability Resource Center. 

More Information:

If you still have questions on level of support, you can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Cheryl Lochner-Wright (

After acceptance into the program, you will obtain more information about services at your program location, in your program guide and in orientation materials. 

To see more information on disability accommodations, please see our website called Students with Disabilities