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Understanding Program Costs

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General Overview:

We offer a wide range of programs that cover all budgets. Some programs are very similar to UWEC's cost of attendance and some programs are much more expensive. Cost is important: we try to be transparent and include estimates for the required costs of your entire experience. The only item we don't include is personal travel on weekends/breaks or before/after your program. 

Detailed Program Costs
Each program page has a detailed cost estimate under the "Program Costs" section. If the term you're considering isn't posted, use the most recent and add 7% for increased exchange rates/inflation. Cost estimates are updated as coordinators receive updated information from partner universities. 

How to Make Payments to UWEC

You pay all UWEC application fees, deposits, and payments directly to UW-Eau Claire through the UW-Eau Claire Blugold Central Office. There are two methods for completing your payment:

Online through the regular UWEC CampS Procedures: This is the preferred payment method. (Note: there may be convenience fees for paying online). 

  • When you get to the "Make a Payment" screen, choose "Study Abroad Down Payment" to pay your $40 application fee or $150 deposit.
  • Enter the correct amount.
  • Choose the year/term you will be going abroad:
    • For Summer 2022: select 2021-2022
    • For Fall 2022, Academic Year 2022-23, Spring 2023 or Winterim 2023: select 2022-23

*If you are making your final program payment, you do that at the top of the screen, just as you would to pay regular tuition. 

- or - 

In person at Blugold Central (1108 Vicki Lord Larson Hal): You can pay with check, cash, money order, traveler's check or bank draft. Checks should be made out to UW-Eau Claire. Please inform the staff member that this payment is for study abroad and the term you are going abroad. Be sure to ask for a receipt. Money payments are allowed 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. 

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Late Payment/Cancellation

Students who do not make the deposit on time will receive one email reminder and 7 additional days to make the payment. If the payment is not made by the date specified, the student will be cancelled from the program without further notice.

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Re-Admittance Fee

Students wishing to re-activate their application after cancellation must have permission from the appropriate Study Abroad Coordinator and pay a $100 re-admittance fee in addition to any deposits that were missed (i.e. $150 deposit). The $100 re-admittance fee will be applied to the overall program cost paid to UW-Eau Claire. However, it is non-refundable in the event that you again withdraw or are cancelled from the program. Pay the re-admittance fee just as you would the other study abroad down payments; see above.

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Summary of Application Fee and Deposit Payments

  • $40 non-refundable application fee: all students pay as part of the UWEC study abroad application process
  • $150 non-refundable deposit: due 2-3 weeks after approval by CIE. A specific deadline will be included with your acceptance email
  • After your approval by UWEC, your host university or organization MAY have additional application fees, with specific deadlines, that you pay directly to them (not to UWEC) - the fee amounts can be found by reviewing specific program cost estimates. The host university or organization will give you a deadline and info for how to make the payment. Many of those fees are also non-refundable.

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Final Program Charge to UW-Eau Claire**

The final charges for your program, that you pay directly to UW-Eau Claire,** will be available on MyBlugold CampS. No bill will be sent. You must access your account to view the charges. Final study abroad payments are due on the normal campus billing cycle (click to find due dates). If you anticipate receiving financial aid, these funds will be applied to the cost of your study abroad program.

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Program Payments to Your Host University/Organization**

You may be paying your host university, a related organization, or a landlord directly for some charges. This is often for housing, optional field trips, or academic materials related to labs or other special course fees. Pay close attention to communication from your host organization for due dates and acceptable payment methods.

**To determine what portion of your program charges are paid directly to UW-Eau Claire vs what is paid directly to the host university/organization, please reference the cost estimate for your program. 

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Non-WI Resident Students

(For MN reciprocity, Return to Wisconsin, Midwest Student Exchange Program, Nonresident Remissions, Out of State Award, & International Students)

It is important that you understand if you are applying for an exchange program (paying UW-Eau Claire tuition) or a study abroad program (paying a program fee to UW-Eau Claire that is in turn paid to your host organization abroad).

  • Exchange programs, you will pay regular UW-Eau Claire non-resident tuition, in addition to other program costs. If you receive tuition benefits such as “Return to Wisconsin” tuition, MSEP tuition discount, or any other non-resident tuition waiver, they can be applied to the tuition cost of the exchange program. International student tuition discounts or waivers might not apply; consult an international student advisor.
  • Study abroad (fee-paying) programs, there is a flat non-resident tuition fee of $900 (per semester) or $450 (per short term summer or Winterim program), in addition to the program tuition and fee costs.
    • UW-Eau Claire tuition waivers and tuition benefit programs, for example Return to Wisconsin, Nonresident Remissions, Out of State Award, cannot be applied to the $900 or $450 fees, or any other program costs. 

If you are uncertain whether a program you are considering charges UWEC tuition or not, please contact or 715-836-4411 for more information. 

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Program Transfer Policy

The primary reason for allowing transfers is to protect a student financially. Students need to have an active (pending, active, committed) status and have paid at least the UWEC non-refundable application fee, in order for a program transfer to even be considered. All program transfer requests should be made to the appropriate UWEC study abroad programs manager.

 Program Transfer Policy

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Withdrawal Deadlines

A student withdrawal refers to action/inaction by the student to withdraw from study abroad. You may request to withdraw by the deadline below. Failure to complete required items for UWEC or an international partner may also result in withdrawal. 

If UWEC has approved you, and you wish to withdraw, email your study abroad coordinator or by the date noted for your term abroad:

  • Summer and Southern Hemisphere Fall and Academic Year: March 1st
  • Non-Southern Hemisphere Fall and Academic Year: July 1st
  • Winterim: October 1st
  • Spring and Calendar Year: November 1st

Reminder, the UWEC non-refundable application fee and deposit are non-refundable. Please note your host university/program may have additional, earlier refund regulations and withdrawal deadlines, in addition to those outlined above. 

Student Withdrawal Refund Policy

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Program Cancellation Refund Policy

Program cancellation refers to a decision made by UW-Eau Claire or a partner organization to:

  • Cancel an individual student’s program participation after the student had been admitted, or
  • Cancel an entire program, either before or after the program start date

For information on student-initiated withdrawal from a program, see the Student Withdrawal Refund Policy.

Individual Student Cancellation

Per the Center for International Education Enrollment Agreement, a student may be cancelled after admittance to a program for

  1. Failure to maintain good standing (academic, conduct or financial) or the eligibility requirements of the program, or to meet requirements defined and published under Academic Policies & Regulations in the UW-Eau Claire catalog;
  2. Personal conduct adversely affecting other students or faculty and/or conduct that violates the rules and regulations published in the Blugold Code;
  3. Conduct which violates the laws of the country in which the program occurs.

Cancellation of an Entire Program

A program may be cancelled for several reasons, including a change in safety or services at the host site.  The decision may be made by UWEC or the host organization.

Click on the button below to view the Individual and Program Cancellation Refund Policies:

Cancellation Refund Policy

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