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Overview of UWEC Foundation Study Abroad Scholarships

The scholarships on this page are from the UWEC Foundation or the Viennese Ball and are available to degree-seeking, undergraduate UWEC students accepted to study on a UWEC study abroad program, and who meet the specified qualifications. 

Number of awards are per year, not per term. Amounts are approximate, based on the previous year's data. Need-based eligibility is based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applicants with an EFC of $12,000 or less will automatically be considered for need-based scholarships; others may be considered based on information provided on the application. 
Scholarship Name Amount # of Awards/Year Term Eligibility
      F SP W SU  
1982 Adventurous Blugold Alumni $1,000 1 X X X X financial need; studying on CIE program
Bernard & Anne Hirsch $400 1 X X     financial need
Brett Weller $450 1 X X     financial need; graduate of Hudson, WI high school
Dan & Martha Wenzel $1,800 1 X X X X financial need
Frances Kirby Memorial up to $1,900 varies X X X X financial need; 3.0 or above GPA; WI resident; grad students may also apply. Preference for jr/sr geography majors and students who have never been outside of the U.S.
Global Awareness up to $1,000 ~10 X X X X financial need; academic merit
International Education-Study Abroad $200-$1000 ~12 X X X X financial need; academic merit; no previous study abroad
James Alexander $1,100 1   X     financial need; 3.0 or above GPA
Larry & Ann Reilly $1,000 1 X X X X financial need
Laurel & Mark Fleming Students with Disabilities  $1,500 2 X X X X financial need; disability (registered with SSD); 2.75 or above GPA; never been outside US; preference for Japan
Leslie A. & Mary E Wiberg $100-$1,700 varies X X X X financial need; 3.75 or above GPA
Dr. Brian Bugella Memorial $500 1 X X X X chemistry or declared pre-med major
Deborah K. Wagner up to $2,000 varies X X X X female studying in a low-to-middle income country participating in volunteer or service work with potential for long-term impact. Projects must be at least two weeks long.
Dolly Rounds Memorial $600 2 X X X X 3.0 or above GPA; academic merit; future potential. Accepted to CIE or depart. study abroad program. Grad students may apply.
Genevieve Hagen $500 1 X X     foreign language major; studying in Germany or Scandinavia
Herlihy Women of Substance $500-$1000 up to 4 X X X X non-traditional female student (non-traditional includes: 25 or older; married; a parent; a military veteran, or someone who has an interruption of 2 or more years in their education after high school
Katie Jensen Memorial $1,000 1 X X     studying on CIE program; preference given to CSD majors/minors and/or students studying in Africa
Robert & Jane Fraser $500 1 X X   X 2.8 or above GPA; studying in Scotland
Thomas & Barbara Lilly Memorial $500 1 X X X X art, art history, education, history, music or nursing major studying in Europe. 2.0 or above GPA
William & Ingrid Brauner (Viennese Ball) $1,500 varies X X     accepted to study in Graz, Austria
Non-Traditional Destinations (Viennese Ball) $500-$1,000 varies X X X X 3.0 or above GPA; studying outside of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand
(Those listed above are anticipated for the 2021-2022 academic year as of May 2021. Number of awards and amounts may vary from what is listed.) 

For a complete description of all UWEC Foundation Study Abroad Scholarships, please click here. 

How to Apply

The application and selection process for the scholarships listed above is administered by the Center for International Education. You will apply through the UWEC Foundation site: Gold for Blugold Scholarship Network. You cannot apply until you are approved to participate on a UWEC study abroad program. You will receive an email when scholarship applications open up.