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Claire Lind (2015-2016 Turkey ETA)
B.A. in elementary education, December 2014

Claire studied abroad in Turkey during her time at UW-Eau Claire. She also did a domestic intercultural immersion with Somali refugees in Minneapolis, conducted student-faculty research in Israel, and did student teaching in a Milwaukee public school with English language learners who spoke a total of more than 45 different languages in their home environments! Upon graduation in December 2014, she took a long-term substitute position in a native village in Alaska before beginning her Fulbright year.

This what she has shared about her Fulbright year to date: 

Things are going well here in Nigde, Turkey. I have an apartment which is near the university, and I am loving the Turkish hospitality more and more every day. My city is located in the mountainous desert, so it is still quite warm (mid 70s) here during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, you nearly need a winter jacket.

My students are 18-19 year old freshmen who have to pass one year of English prep school before going into their actual studies. We are a big agriculture and engineering school, so most of my students are 18 year old boys who want to study engineering. 

I teach three-hour-long classes seven times a week. So the classes are long, but I only see each class once a week, which isn't ideal. I'm also doing several tutoring groups on the side--one group of small Turkish children of my colleagues, and others university students, and some adults. I am keeping very busy!