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Sarah Janes Ugoretz (2008-09 Mexico, Study/Research)
Sarah graduated in December 2007 with majors in Latin American studies and political science. She studied abroad in Mexico while at UW-Eau Claire.  The focus of her Fulbright study research project was the effects of immigration to the U.S. on sending communities in Mexico.

Sarah’s update on what she is doing now:

I completed my Fulbright in Mexico during the 2008-2009 academic year. After that, I attended Brandeis University and received my Masters in Sustainable International Development, completing my thesis work in Mexico. I then began working towards my Doctorate in Community and Environmental Sociology at UW-Madison, though came to the conclusion that I was interested in more applied work. I left my program to take a position as the Community Outreach Coordinator for a company called Sitka Salmon Shares, and that's what I'm doing today!