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Important Notes for All Considering Study Abroad in 2023-2024!

Passport Processing Times
At this time (March 2024), the U.S. State Department indicates high volume of applications with 8-10 weeks processing time for a standard passport; 4-6 weeks for expedited processing (available at additional cost).  If you are applying for a Winter or Spring 2025 program and you do not have a passport that will be valid for six months after the end of your intended program, plan to apply or renew as soon as you are accepted to a program.

COVID-19 Vaccination (updated November 2022)
Many countries, airlines, and study abroad programs are requiring proof of vaccination as a condition of entry or program participation. The CIE strongly encourages vaccination as it protects you as well as your fellow travelers and host country nationals with whom you will interact during your time abroad. Currently, we are aware of the following programs that have a vaccination and/or testing requirement for participation:

  • Australia, Melbourne (USAC):  Vaccination required.
  • Chile, PUCV: Vaccination required
  • Costa Rica, Heredia and San Ramon (USAC): Vaccination required.
  • Czech Republic, Prague (USAC): Vaccination required.
  • France, Lyon and Pau (USAC): Vaccination required.
  • Israel, Haifa (USAC): Vaccination required.
  • Italy, LdM:  Vaccination required to avoid quarantine upon arrival.  If not vaccinated, 5 day quarantine and regular testing (every 48 hours) is required at student expense.
  • Italy, Reggio Emilia (USAC) Vaccination required.
  • Japan, Kansai Gaidai University: Residence halls and homestays in fall 2023 will require proof of vaccination. The resumption of homestays is still uncertain as of March 2023.
  • New Zealand (USAC): Vaccination required. 
  • South Korea: Gwangju and Seoul (USAC): Vaccination required.
  • Spain, Bilbao and Valencia (USAC): Vaccination required.
  • Spain, Valladolid: Vaccination no longer required to enter or live with host families. Updated 2/17/23 
  • Thailand, Chiang Mai (USAC): Vaccination required. 

Some countries continue to require proof of vaccination, COVID recovery, or negative test to participate in daily activities such as eating in a restaurant/bar or entering any type of public space (museums, schools, tourist attractions, etc.), and/or requiring the use a COVID notification app.  

Booster Shot Requirements
Some countries are also announcing booster shot requirements for vaccinated travelers.  We strongly recommend that you follow medical guidance for booster shots prior to departure for your host country.  
Stay on Top of Entry Requirements
Entry requirements and COVID regulations continue to change regularly in many places.  Please keep a close eye on the requirements for your host country.  Research and monitor your country and program requirements.

The U.S. Embassy and U.S. Department of State are a good source for the country(ies) you’re visiting, as are the Centers for Disease Control

For program specific requirements, please read all of your program materials and communication from your host organization carefully.
Although the CIE is here to assist you, it is your responsibility to understand and abide by the vaccination requirements (including acceptable vaccine types and verification methods) for your specific program and location(s) and any country you may travel through or visit during your time abroad. Although COVID-19 management around the world has improved, restrictions and regulations may change at any time. Any related delays, penalties, quarantines, program status changes or cancellations, and associated costs are your responsibility.
You may be required to show your COVID-19 vaccination record card when abroad; you should also have copies available as a back-up.

Center for International Education COVID-19 Information

Note: this information does not apply to programs run through the Intercultural Immersions Office


From March 2020 to Fall 2021, COVID-19 has significantly impacted outward mobility for UW-Eau Claire study abroad students, but the situation has significantly improved. Students are studying on 22 programs in 13 countries during Spring 2024!


CIE Program Status Summary:

Summer 2024 Study Abroad Mobility:

  • All programs with enrolled students are expected to run. 

Fall/Year 2024 Study Abroad Mobility:

  • All programs with enrolled students are expected to run. 


What UW-Eau Claire continues to do to manage the situation:
We monitor the situation abroad in conjunction with the UW-Eau Claire Office of Risk Management and Safety, UW System Administration, and our partners abroad. In particular, UW-Eau Claire looks to official government sources, such as travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State and travel warnings from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), when considering program safety.
Are you going to cancel my program?
UW-Eau Claire considers the U.S. Department of State travel advisories and the Center for Disease Control travel warnings when reviewing program safety. A Level 3 or 4- U.S. State Department or CDC travel advisory would prompt review by the UW-Eau Claire Travel Risk Committee, which includes the UW-Eau Claire risk management office, faculty/staff with study abroad expertise, and staff from the Student Health Services. If a decision to cancel a program were made, UW-Eau Claire would contact students directly about the decision and next steps.
Have you canceled programs?
Since the cancellation of Summer 2022 Mexico, UWEC has not cancelled any programs due to COVID. However, some partners have cancelled programs due to staffing issues or ongoing travel restrictions.

What refunds are available? 
Please see our "Understanding Program Costs" to review UWEC's Withdrawal & Cancellation Refund Policies.