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Center for International Education COVID-19 Information

Note: this information does not apply to programs run through the Intercultural Immersions Office

COVID-19 has significantly impacted outward mobility for UW-Eau Claire study abroad students. In March 2020, all spring 2020 students were called home, which was a devastating decision to make. We know that many students and families saved and planned for years to finally have the chance to study abroad, only to have experiences cut short. We appreciate the support and swift action our students and families took. All Summer 2020 through Spring 2021 programs were suspended before they began.

Suspension decisions are based on the following:

  • The U.S. Department of State travel advisories
    • Most countries we send students to are still listed as a Level 3 or Level 4
  • The U.S. Center for Disease Control Levels
  • Continuing uncertainties related to passport & visa processing
  • Several U.S. Embassies abroad warning that future travel restrictions may be imposed with little notice
  • Restricted travel to/from the U.S., with limited flights servicing many countries
  • U.S. travelers face entry bans or quarantine requirements upon arrival to host countries due to number of cases in the U.S.

The CIE is hopeful that some student mobility will open back up for summer 2021 and fall 2021. As the situation continues to evolve daily, we are closely monitoring program locations and travel accessibility of U.S. citizens. If future terms are suspended, students will be emailed and given options for how to proceed. We will continue to update this page as we have more information. We encourage students to continue planning for future teams. Our staff is available for virtual advising to assist in answering any questions you may have. 

CIE Program Status Summary:

Summer 2021 Study Abroad Mobility:
  • Most summer 2021 programs have been suspended as of March 12, 2021. South Korea has received approval for continuation. Programs that are still under review are located in the United Kingdom. Students impacted by suspensions and approvals have been notified via email. Those still awaiting a decision have also been updated. 
Fall 2021 Study Abroad Mobility:
  • Programs based in Australia have been suspended for fall 2021 due to entry restrictions. 
  • Fall programs that start in August or later will be reviewed and decisions made by the last week of June.
Winterim 2022 Study Abroad Mobility:
  • CIE administered winterim 2022 programs are open for applications and will plan to run as expected. The CIE will closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and update students accordingly.
Spring 2022 Study Abroad Mobility:
  • CIE administered spring 2022 programs are open for applications and will plan to run as expected. The CIE will closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and update students accordingly.


What is UW-Eau Claire doing to manage the situation?
We are monitoring the situation abroad in conjunction with the UW-Eau Claire Office of Risk Management and Safety, UW System Administration, and our partners abroad. In particular, UW-Eau Claire looks to official government sources, such as travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State and travel warnings from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), when considering program safety.
We are also monitoring which countries have restricted travel to/from the U.S. and/or if U.S. travelers face entry bans or quarantine requirements upon arrival in their host country. 

Are you going to cancel my program?
UW-Eau Claire considers the U.S. Department of State travel advisories and the Center for Disease Control travel warnings when reviewing program safety. Only a “Level 4-Do Not Travel” U.S. State Department travel advisory would result in an automatic cancellation. A Level 3 warning from the CDC and Level 3 advisory from the U.S. State Department would prompt review by the UW-Eau Claire Travel Risk Committee, which includes the UW-Eau Claire risk management office, faculty/staff with study abroad expertise, and staff from the Student Health Services. If a decision to cancel a program were made, UW-Eau Claire would contact students directly about the decision and next steps.
Have you canceled programs?
See the above Status Summary section for more details. 

What refunds are available? 
Please see our "Understanding Program Costs" to review UWEC's Withdrawal & Cancellation Refund Policies. 

Should I book airfare?
No. You should not book your flights until UWEC has made a decision as to whether or not programs will run. Any costs associated with flights, including original booking fees, change and cancellation fees, are your responsibility.

I'm planning to study abroad in Fall 2021 - should I apply for UWEC on-campus housing in case my program is cancelled? 
UWEC Housing has advised the following: "Yes, we (UWEC housing) will be able to work with students through these situations. If they applied for the first round room selection to select a room for next year (need to submit the Housing Contract and pay the $75 housing deposit by housing deadline). Then if they find out their program will take place, we will cancel for no tie to contract and refund of deposit. Note: if student missed first round deadline there will be a second selection process in March." Additional UWEC housing questions should be directed to Housing + Residence Life.  

I'm planning to study abroad in Fall 2021 - can I register for classes at UWEC in case my program is cancelled?
YES! We encourage fall 2021 students to enroll in UWEC courses, on the normal registration calendar. This will provide a back-up should your program be cancelled. Please consult your ARCC advisor for questions on what to register for. Should your program run, we will ask you to drop your UWEC courses before the fall semester begins so proper billing can occur.