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Photo Contest Frequently Asked Questions

What quality should the photo be?

The photo should be around 3-6 megabytes or better and be 8 megapixels or better. Most phones and point and shoot cameras these days meet these requirements. Good exposure and good sharpness make for better photos when they are printed. Lowlighting or photos edited with filters, makes for a grainier photo when it is printed. If you posted the photo to Instagram, please submit the original. Instagram posted photos will be too small. 

What do the categories mean?

Instagrammable: we are looking for photos that are worthy of being featured on Instagram. Think if Nat Geo was looking for a photo from where you were, what would you give them? We want high quality, picture perfect photos that capture the location, places and things you did. This can vary from a great shot of a famous landmark, to a stunning photo of a sunset, to a candid moment with your new friends. 

A new adventure: we are looking for photos that show us a new experience you had when studying abroad. This can range from food to culture to scenery to just every day life. Anything that was new to you is what we want to see! The biggest thing we will look for is how you tie your photo to your short description, so be sure to talk about how the photo represents that new adventure. 

Do I have to submit a short description with my photo?

Yes! If you don’t you will be disqualified from the contest. The judges will judge based on the photo AND the short description that explains the photo. The description is what is really going to pull the photo into the viewer and it allows you to share the story. All descriptions should be kept to 250 words or less. 

Do I have to come up with a title for my photo?

Yes! The more creative the better! Please keep the title to 10 words or less. 

What makes a good photo for the contest?

A good photo will have a well written description that really helps the viewer tie the photo, description and category together. A good photo will also follow the resolution requirements and will adhere to the guidelines. However, a good photo won’t win it, we want fabulous photos! So to be considered fabulous, keep these things in mind: Creativity: show us something different! We want to see your daily study abroad life integrated into the local culture, not necessarily what the guidebooks show us. Does it tell a story?  Does it make us stop and think? Even if your photo is good, think about how your short description can really bring the viewer in and see a new perspective! Think BIG!

How many photos can I submit

You can submit two photos per category, for a total of 4 photos (if you submit to both categories). You DO NOT have to submit to both categories, however you can still only submit two photos to the category you choose. 

If I participated in last year's contest can I submit again?

Yes, of course, but please submit new photos!

How will I know if you received my photos?

You should receive an automatic email when you submit the e-form. Please remember that it may take 24-48 hours before we can get your submissions posted to our Facebook account.

I submitted photos to the contest. Why aren't they are display?

We are only going to display the top 20-40 pictures, depending on what the judges decide, after the contest.

I submitted photos to the contest. Why aren't they showing up on the Facebook Page?

Patience! Depending on the volume of photos we receive in a day, it may take 24-48 hours to get them uploaded on the Facebook Page. We won’t post any photos until January 31st! If you submit any photos that do not follow the guidelines, your photo may have been disqualified. Every attempt will be made to notify you if your photo violates a guideline, but it cannot be guaranteed. 

How do I vote on Facebook?

Go to Study Abroad at UW-Eau Claire and find the photo contest album. All you have to do to vote is “Like” the photo. You can “Like” as many photos as you want! Comments will NOT count as a vote. Any inappropriate comments will be removed. 

Can I vote for myself on Facebook?

Of course! Make sure to tell all your family, friends, classmates, professors and strangers to vote for you too!

Can I vote more than once for my photo?

Unfortunately not. You are only allowed one "Like" per photo