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Japan Faculty-Led Immersion Academics


To apply, you must be a currently enrolled, degree-seeking, undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student majoring/minoring in Kinesiology. You need to be in good academic, conduct and financial standing. You also need to have a cumulative GPA of 2.75. You must maintain enrollment and continue to meet the academic standing and GPA requirements the semester prior to departure. You may apply as a first year student, but must have at least sophomore standing by the time the program begins. Prerequisites include: KINS 294 Anatomical Kinesiology and KINS 308 Exercise Physiology, or equivalent of the two. 

Course Information

The course in Japan is KINS 495: Directed Study in Kinesiology (1 credit), taught by Dr. Saori Braun (Kinesiology) and Dr. Jeffrey Janot (Kinesiology) during summer term. 

Liberal Education/General Education Requirements

For students in catalog years through 2015-16, this program fulfills 1 credit of the Foreign Culture requirement upon successful program completion (students earning a B.A., B.F.A. or B.M degree in the College of Arts & Sciences cannot use study abroad to fulfill their foreign language/foreign culture requirement. See the university catalog for details).

Academic Calendar

The tentative program dates July 9 - July 23, 2019. These dates are still tentative, do not book flights until after orientation in March.