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Interview with Andrew Maher

Tell us about yourself
My name is Andrew Maher, and I'm an English major with a Japanese minor. I'm currently 24 years old.

When and where did you study abroad?
I went to Kansai Gaidai, Japan for the 2012-2013 school year.

How did you prepare for your study abroad experience?
I worked closely with the study abroad office as I went through my preparations. They were a great help in guiding me along as I readied myself for travel and life in Japan. 

What were your fears before going abroad?
My biggest fear was assimilating with the local culture. I also worried I would not have enough money experience everything I wanted to experience!

How did your study abroad experience go?
Excellent! It was a lifetime experience that is more unique than anything I would experience as just a tourist. I now have another place I call home on the other side of the planet!

How did you benefit from studying abroad?
It showed me I can overcome challenges and increased my self-confidence.

Did you have any advice for other students with disabilities who are thinking of studying abroad?
Remember to apply for every scholarship you can. Do it! Dive right in, you won't regret it!