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Interview with Kyle Carr 

Tell us about yourself
I’m a senior Marketing Major at UWEC.  In my free time I love to play basketball, volleyball and soccer.

When and where did you study abroad?
I studied abroad on the Lismore, Australia program during the Spring Semester 2012.

How did you prepare for your study abroad experience?
I emailed my Peer Adviser with questions about the program and what to expect, which was very helpful.  I also stopped in the CIE to turn in forms for the program before going abroad.  Everyone was very helpful when I had questions.

What were your fears before going abroad?
My biggest fear is flying, so the thought of being in a plane for 20 hours over water was terrifying. 

How did your study abroad experience go?
It was easily the best experience of my life.  I visited the places that most people could only dream of.  Not only that, but I also met some amazing people across the world, whether it was bonding with other Americans, Australians, or even students from UWEC, I have memories that I know will be with me my whole life.

How did you benefit from studying abroad?
Studying abroad made me more independent as a person and gave me room for personal growth.  I also gained a new perspective from the experience. 

Did you have any advice for other students who are thinking of studying abroad?
If you have the opportunity to study abroad, DO IT!!!  I feel like it helps you grow as a person and a student.