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Program Costs

program costs

Overview of Program Costs
UW-Eau Claire offers a wide range of program costs to fit every student's budget. Some programs are much more expensive than studying on campus, while others are about the same cost.  For a quick overview of program costs, please refer to the following charts:

Costs at a Glance Fall 2017.pdf
Costs at a Glance, Short Term 2017.pdf
Costs at a Glance Spring 2018.pdf

How to Find Detailed Program Costs
For students thinking of applying, parents, faculty and staff:
Find specific cost information for each program by locating your program of interest in our Program Search. Once on the specific program page, scroll down the page to the 'Cost' section of the brochure. There you will find an estimated budget that corresponds to the term(s) the program operates.  The estimate includes all required expenses for the term, not only those things that you pay to UW-Eau Claire.

For students already accepted to a program:
In addition to the method listed above, you also have access to an estimated cost sheet in the Learning Content section of your online study abroad application.