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Non-Resident Financial Information

Wisconsin/Minnesota Reciprocity

The current reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin enables a Minnesota resident to attend Wisconsin public institutions of higher education at rates approximating tuition prevailing in the Minnesota State University System. To learn more, click here.

Return to Wisconsin

As a part of the Return to Wisconsin programs, non-resident UW-Eau Claire students may be eligible to receive a 25 percent tuition discount if they are the child or grandchild of a qualifying UW-Eau Claire alumnus. See the section below for all non-resident students to understand how RtW may apply to study abroad.

Midwest Student Exchange Program

The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) is a multi-state tuition discount that offers students in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Ohio (new for fall 2019) reduced tuition rates.

International Students

If you receive an international student tuition reduction/tuition waiver for studying at UW-Eau Claire, this benefit may not apply if you go abroad. Please consult an international student advisor in the Center for International Education early in the planning stages to understand how studying abroad may impact any tuition benefits you have.

ALL Non-Resident Students

It is important that you understand if you are applying for an exchange program (paying UW-Eau Claire tuition) or a study abroad program (paying a program fee to UW-Eau Claire that is in turn paid to your host organization abroad).
  • If the program is an exchange program, you will pay regular UW-Eau Claire non-resident tuition, in addition to other program costs. If you receive tuition benefits such as “Return to Wisconsin” tuition or the MSEP tuition discount, they can be applied to the tuition cost of the exchange program. Again, international student tuition discounts or waivers might not apply. Be sure to consult an international student advisor.
  • If the program is a study abroad program, there is a flat non-resident tuition fee of $900 (per semester) or $450 (per short term summer or Winterim program), in addition to the resident tuition fee and other program costs.
    • UW-Eau Claire tuition waivers and tuition benefit programs such as “Return to Wisconsin” cannot be applied to the $900 or $450 fees. However, the $900 or $450 fees may be less than the cost of the non-resident tuition for an exchange program, even with your waiver or benefit applied.
  • If you are uncertain whether a program you are considering is an exchange program/charges UWEC tuition or not, please contact or 715-836-4411 for more information.