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Winterim/Spring 2017


Congratulations on being accepted to study abroad in Winterim or Spring 2017! Following through on this decision automatically places you into a select group of college graduates. Recent reports show that only about 14% of U.S. undergraduates can claim a study abroad experience as part of their academic career. By comparison, about 22% of UW-Eau Claire students study abroad.

Study Abroad Handbook
The Study Abroad Handbook  has general information on study abroad policies at UW-Eau Claire for all non-faculty-led winterim, spring and calendar year programs.  Please read it thoroughly and carefully!

The Faculty-Led Student Handbook has general information on study abroad policies at UW-Eau Claire specifically for programs that are led by UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff. This handbook is only applicable for the following programs during Winterim 2017: Ecuador, Guatemala, India (Global Feminisms and Globalization programs) and Thailand . 

Study Abroad Program Guides & U.S. State Department Information Sheets
The study abroad program guides have program-specific information for each program site.  The U.S. State Department provides regularly updated information sheets for every country in the world that include a country description, embassy/consulate locations, entry/exit requirements for U.S. citizens, safety & security, crime, information for women travelers, LGBTQ rights, accessibility, health/medical facilities, and traffic safety & road conditions. Click on the following link to access your program guide and the U.S. State department information for your country: 
Program Guides/State Dept. Info: Winterim\Spring 2017
Faculty-Led Program Guides/State Dept. Info: Winterim 2017

Advice for Students Abroad from the U.S. State Department
The U.S. State Department "Student Abroad" site has information on health, emergencies, safe travel tips with special sections for women and LGBT travelers, and voting while abroad. You can stay connected to the U.S. State Department by signing up for their Facebook page and Twitter feed. Please note that the CIE will enroll you in the "Smart Traveler Enrollment Program" (STEP) so you do not need to enroll yourself.

Budget Planning Worksheet
Use this Budget & Planning Worksheet to understand study abroad costs and how to fund them.

Orientation PowerPoints
Here are the PowerPoint used in the break-out sessions at orientation on Saturday, September 24.  Review as needed!
Cultural Values and Cultural Adjustment