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Your Identity + Study Abroad

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Exploring Your Identity

Part of the mission of UWEC is to provide students with international learning experiences for a diverse world. In the CIE, we are committed to providing opportunities for all students to go abroad as part of their academic career. We recognize that everyone brings a different background to their international experience. 

Below are some resources that we hope will be helpful to a wide range of students. We offer these resources as a place to begin thinking how your identity may or may not impact your experience abroad. We also offer them so you can learn about other participants you may meet while studying abroad. Learning how to be respectful of the diversity in your study abroad program is important. This blog can help you think about that topic. If you want to further explore these topics, don't hesitate to reach out to a study abroad advisor or coordinator. 
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Scholarship Opportunities

Be sure to check out our scholarship page to find UWEC scholarships and others that are available to specific identity groups. In addition, ones we encourage you to explore are:
  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship - national scholarship for those who receive a Federal Pell Grant. Listen to the podcast they've created to give you tips and tricks for the application along with alumni experiences! 
  • Diversity Abroad Scholarships - UWEC is a member which allows our students to be considered for their scholarships
  • PLATO - resources to support underrepresented students
  • USAC Scholarships for those participating on a USAC program- first generation scholarship, military service scholarship, regional scholarships, and more.