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Talk to an Advisor

We offer three levels of advising to help you select the study abroad program that is best for you!
  1. Study Abroad Advisor or General Advising Intern will be your first point of contact! 
    1. Help you narrow down your program options
    2. Answer questions on how to begin the application process
    3. Go over the little details (budget, scholarships, etc.) about what the study abroad process is like
    4. Can talk about programs that don't have a specific peer advisor
  2. Peer Advisors are available to meet with AFTER you've met with a General Advisor. 
    1. Answer specific questions about their program(s) 
    2. Give a first-hand perspective on studying/living in that country
  3. Study Abroad Coordinators can
    1. Discuss specific or complex academic questions
    2. Address questions about health and safety abroad

General Advising

The study abroad advisor or a general advising intern will help you narrow down your program options, answer any questions you may have on studying abroad (such as: money, scholarships, application process, timelines, deadlines, what it's like to study abroad, etc.). The General Advising office hours for fall 2019 are:
Mondays  9:30am-12pm; 1-3pm
Tuesdays  10am-12pm
Wednesdays 12-3pm
Thursdays 9am-1pm
Fridays 9am-12pm 
To make an appointment, call 715-836-4411 or just walk-in to the CIE, Schofield 3, during the hours listed above. *There will be no advising hours Thanksgiving week. 

Meet our General Advising Interns:
Liz Clark
Stephanie Hoeksema

Peer Advising

Narrowed down your program options but want to learn firsthand what it's like to study there? Our peer advisors are available to help you out! They don't hold office hours but you can still set up a time to meet with them by emailing them. This allows you to meet with them when it works best for you! Don't hesitate to click on their name below and send them an email! 
Australia Peer Advisor
Australia | Email me to learn more: Anna Herzog

I am studying Rehab Science. One of my favorite memories from studying abroad in Australia was meeting and becoming friends with people from around the world.

Chile Peer AdvisorChile | Email me to learn more: Claire Ganschow

I am a Latin American Studies and Spanish Teaching Major. My favorite memory from my time abroad was when a few friends and I were out to eat one night in Valparaíso when a couple showed up to perform some live music. They were amazing and they sang so beautifully. I remember dancing at our table and enjoying every minute of their performance; it was pure bliss.
Costa Rica Heredia peer advisoCosta Rica: Heredia | Email me to learn more: Molly Bauchle

I am a Spanish major with a LAS minor, working on getting my TEFL certificate! My four months in Costa Rica were beyond incredible and I will always hold my time there very close to my heart. One of my favorite memories in Costa Rica was when I went on a field trip with one of my classes to Orosi de Cartago. It was so beautiful there. We hiked up a mountain and discovered three different waterfalls. 
megan jacobsonCosta Rica: San Ramon | Email me to learn more: Megan Jacobson

I am currently a junior majoring in Nursing with a Spanish for the Health Professions minor. My favorite memory from studying abroad was when I played basketball one night a week with an older women's basketball league. This was a great experience and all of the women liked having me on their team because I was so much taller than all the other players! 
Harlaxton peer advisorEngland: Harlaxton | Email me to learn more: Cami Lardinois

I am a senior majoring in criminal justice, minoring in psychology. Studying abroad at Harlaxton has been the best experience of my life! I think my favorite memories are from hanging with everyone throughout the manor. Living in a castle was a cool experience too!
Winchester peer advisor
England: Winchester | Email me to learn more: Emma Glover

I’m a marketing major with an international business minor. My favorite memory from studying in Winchester was Wednesday night BOP’s, dancing with all the friends I made there.
France peer advisorFrance | Email me to learn more: Cassie Hampshire

I'm starting my fourth year at UWEC, studying French liberal arts and English creative writing. I studied abroad in Lyon, France fall of 2018 and one of my favorite memories was when my two friends in the program and I went up to the Fourvière in Lyon on one of the last nice days in December and just took pictures of the city and skyline and of each other. It was quite the bittersweet time because we were sad to be leaving and saying goodbye to each other and such a beautiful city, but also happy to be going home and seeing our families, and also were just full of laughs because we couldn't help but not laugh with one another. 
Germany peer advisorGermany: IGSP, IUSP + Graz, Austria | Email me to learn more: Hannah Henry

I am a senior studying Human Resource Management and German as a double major. My favorite memories from my host country were going on the IGSP excursions to Heidelberg, Rüdesheim, and Berlin!
Elisabeth RuschGhana + South Africa | Email me to learn more: Elisabeth Rusch

I am a senior majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications with a minor in Global Studies. My favorite part about living in Accra was going to the market to buy the most amazing mangos and avocados that I’ve ever had!
Greece peer advisorGreece | Email me to learn more: Abigail Vigil

I'm a junior majoring in Behavior Analysis. My favorite memory from while I was abroad was canyoning at Mount Olympus. While putting on and hiking in the wet suits was less than ideal, the experience itself was amazing. We got to swim, rappel down the canyon walls and drink the delicious water from Mount Olympus.
Ireland PAIreland | Email me to learn more: Elizabeth Clark 

I am currently an Elementary Education and Broadfield Social Studies major with a minor in English. My absolute favorite part about my experience in Ireland was living with 7 people from all around the world. I had roommates from Italy, the Netherlands, Montreal, Greece, Boston, and Denmark. Experiencing the semester with such a diverse group of people made for the most memorable and exciting four months. Getting involved with the International Society was another aspect of the University of Limerick that allowed me to meet so many wonderful people, and I encourage you to do that too!
Kirstin JohnshoyItaly Semester Programs | Email me to learn more: Kirsten Johnshoy

I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance here at UW-Eau Claire. My favorite study abroad memory is watching the sunset over the Arno river or overlooking the city of Florence at Piazza Michelangelo.
Italy winterim peer advisor
Italy Winterim Program | Email me to learn more: Alivia Kistler 

I am currently a junior English major. My favorite memory from my semester abroad is going to my favorite gelateria with my roommate every week.
Japan peer advisorJapan | Email me to learn more: Naomi Plack

I am currently a senior studying Biochemistry at UWEC. I think my favorite memory has to be when our host father took us to a tea farm. We woke up early to take a scenic drive through the mountains, eating breakfast in the car. It was cherry blossom season, and the sakura trees were in full bloom. The tea farm was built on a mountainside in ridges, and there were a ton of flowers around us. After, we went to a local store to buy some freshly made matcha tea...the food and tea were so delicious!! There were some sakura trees by the road near the store, so we went with our little host sister to play nearby. The cherry blossoms were falling on us and it was so beautiful!! Since the sidewalk was covered with cherry blossom petals, we scooped up handfuls and tossed them onto each other!! We later went to a quiet Buddhist temple, and got to watch huge koi being fed. After we made our way back, our host father took us to our favorite restaurant- an all you could eat, grilled meat restaurant, which was loads of fun! I have so many good memories from that trip, and really enjoyed spending my time with my host family.
NZ peer advisor
New Zealand | Email me to learn more: Kyra Luttenegger

I'm an Environmental Biology and Ecology major. My favorite part of my study abroad experience is all the people I met from all over the world!
Poland peer advisorPoland | Email me to learn more: Katarina Petranovich

I am an undeclared major at UWEC. My favorite memory about studying abroad in Krakow was biking along the Vistula river and around Wawel castle with my friends when the weather was finally nice in the spring!
Scotland peer advisorScotland: Aberdeen + Glasgow | Email me to learn more: Emma Zenzen

I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders Major with a certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). My favorite memories from study abroad were exploring Aberdeen and going to the beach with the amazing friends I made there. 
Stirling peer advisorScotland: Stirling | Email me to learn more: Alanna Post

I'm majoring in Biology with an emphasis in ecology and environmental biology. My favorite study abroad memory is from when I climbed Dumyat (the hill behind my dorm) with some classmates as part of our lab project.
S. Korea peer advisorSouth Korea | Email me to learn more: Karen Her
My major is Organization Communication and I'm currently a senior. My favorite memory about Korea was being able to learn Hangul and speak to Korean natives. 
Spain peer advisorSpain (1 of 2) | Email me to learn more: Joelle Frey
(We have two peer advisors for Spain. Feel free to contact one or the other, or both!)

My major is Healthcare Administration and I'm minoring in Spanish! My favorite memory from studying in Valladolid was our first official night in Valladolid. The entire program went to a tapas restaurant for dinner and they had live music for us! It was a super fun night with lots of good food; and that night I met people who would become some of my best friends. 
Spain peer advisorSpain (2 of 2) | Email me to learn more: Hannah Pakkala
(We have two peer advisor for Spain. Feel free to contact one or the other, or both!)

I am a secondary education major specializing in Spanish education. My favorite memory from my time in Spain was celebrating my birthday in Valladolid. Everyone in the program and the friends I had made, made it feel so special, and despite being so far from family and my home I still felt just as comfortable celebrating here. My host mom even made me a birthday cake. It was a really heartwarming experience. 

Study Abroad Coordinators

You can find the list of Study Abroad Coordinators by clicking here. Once on that site, if you click on any coordinator's name, you will find the programs they manage.