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Where to Start

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We're excited you're thinking about studying abroad! You may be wondering, where do I even begin?! We're here to help! We've created the following steps to help you get started:

Goals for your Experience:

Maybe you have no idea what your goals are - just that you know you want to study abroad?! That's a great place to start and here are some things to consider. 
  • Academic Goals
    • Which term to you want to go abroad? (fall, winterim, spring, summer, full year)
    • Do you want to study in English? Another language? Both? 
    • What major/minor requirements do you want to complete?
    • What LE requirements do you want to complete?
  • Personal Goals
    • Where do you want to study?
    • Do you have heritage/family connections to a location?
    • How long do you want to be abroad? (a few weeks, one month, semester, year)
    • What kind of housing would you prefer (host family, residence hall, apartment, etc.)
    • Do you want to study with other U.S. students? Local students? Both?
    • What is your budget?
  • Professional Goals
    • Do your career goals relate to what you want to accomplish when studying abroad?
    • Do you want to intern or volunteer when abroad?
    • What career skills can you gain when abroad? 

General Advising

Have you looked at our program options? There are a lot! We can help you narrow those down! 
  • Meet with a Study Abroad General Advisor! Click here to see their advising hours!
  • Attend a virtual or in-person event or info session - click here - to see those. 

Talk with Your Academic Advisor

This is our BIGGEST piece of advice! Reach out to your academic advisor as soon as you consider studying abroad. They can help you:
  • Navigate your academic plan and when might be the best time to go abroad
  • Decide which courses you should take while abroad vs. which courses you should take while at UWEC

Consider How You'll Fund Your Experience

Did you know financial aid travels with you on a UWEC program?! Students often say that finances are what holds them back from studying abroad. With early preparation, you can start to build in financial strategies that can help make study abroad a reality for you. Fund Your Experience has info on program costs, financial aid, grants, policies, etc. 

Applying to Study Abroad

Done your research and ready to start an application?! Each study abroad program page has details on how to start and finish an application in the "Application Process" tab. Deadlines are early-- plan in advance!