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Choosing a Program

Choosing a Program
Choosing a Program
Study abroad is an exciting opportunity!  Below are steps to help you begin your study abroad adventure. Through research and planning, you can find the study abroad option best for you.

Consider your academic, personal, and professional goals
Answer these questions to focus your search:
•    How long and during which term do you want to study abroad? (academic/calendar year, semester, summer, Winterim)?
•    Would you like to study in English, another language, or both?
•    Do you want to meet major or minor requirements while abroad?
•    Do you have particular GE/LE requirements to fulfill?
•    Where do you want to study? Do you have a particular region or country in mind?
•    Do you prefer a certain type of living arrangement (host family, dormitory, hostel)?
•    Do you want to study abroad with other US students or with local students?
•    Is cost a major factor?
•    What benefits could study abroad provide to support your career plan?
•    How do your career goals link to your study abroad program?
•    How will you stay connected to your field of interest while you are away?
•    What career-related skills and experiences can you gain while abroad?

Research the Study Abroad website
•    Click on the programs link to search for study abroad programs.
•    You will find information on academics, eligibility requirements, housing, cost, etc.

Make an Advising Appointment
• General advising appointments can help answer all of your basic study abroad questions.  Online advising is also available – check the CIE website for the semester schedule.
Peer Advisers are returned study abroad students who are available to answer your questions about the program or region where they studied.
• Study Abroad Coordinators are available to help with more complicated advising questions.
• To schedule an appointment call 715-836-4411.

Talk with your Academic Adviser
• Discuss an academic plan integrating study abroad with your graduation timeline.
• Determine which semester or term would be best to study abroad for your major.  Are there courses you should take while studying abroad?  Before you study abroad?

Research Funding Sources
•    Financial aid applies towards UW-Eau Claire study abroad programs
•    Many scholarships are available.

Attend a study abroad event
•    Click here to learn more about upcoming study abroad events!
          •    Click the how to apply link to get started!