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Steps for your Son/Daughter

Steps for your son or daughter
The Application & Acceptance Process
Students apply for study abroad approximately 9 months before their program date. Program eligibility and application requirements vary; specifics are listed on each program page. After acceptance, they are given a timeline to turn in acceptance materials for our office and for our partners abroad.

Pre-Departure Orientation
The study abroad coordinators send initial information via e-mail during the summer or in January, depending on the program. At the beginning of the semester prior to departure, we hold a required day-long orientation for all students going the next term. Students will also receive weekly emails from a Peer Adviser, a returned student from the program, on cultural topics. Those emails will also have reminders about scholarship deadlines, billing due dates, and how/when to apply for a student visa, if necessary.

During orientation, we encourage students to make a Parent Folder for you prior to departure.

Communication While Abroad & Upon Return
If students are abroad for a semester program, they will receive three newsletters from our office with reminders and updates. They are welcome to contact their program coordinator via e-mail at any time. All students also complete program evaluations prior to coming home.

Once students are back home, the Center for International Education still works with them. We have multiple opportunities for students to be involved. You can see examples in the "Returned Participant" pages of this Web site.