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Faculty + Staff

UWEC faculty and staff play an integral role in encouraging students to study abroad and in helping them prepare for the experience. Below you can find information on:

Advising Resources

Curriculum Integration
The study abroad staff has been working with a variety of departments to have courses evaluated for curriculum integration. To find the completed resources, please see our site called "Your Major + Study Abroad." As more are completed, they will be added to that page. 

Integrated Learning (I1):
Students participating on a CIE program (non-faculty led) can fulfill one Integrated Learning (I1) requirement by completing short assignments PRIOR TO GOING and while abroad. This is NOT automatically granted when a student studies abroad. During a student's pre-departure planning, the CIE will give them information on how to opt-in to I1. Students who opt-in will be added to a Canvas course and be given further instructions on how to complete their assignments. All assignments need to be completed in order to receive I1 credit. If a student misses the opportunity to opt-in, they cannot be retroactively added. Questions about Integrated Learning and how the process works can be sent to Jack Kessler ( 

Additional courses that students take abroad may hold other LE attributes. The transfer credit wizard will list those or you will need to use the UWEC catalog for direct equivalencies. 

Guide to Spanish Classes Offered on UWEC Study Abroad Programs:

 UWEC Spanish Equivalents 2021-2022

AACSB Accredited Programs
Beginning spring 2021, the UWEC College of Business, will only grant lower division elective credit if business students take business courses at a non-AACSB accredited university. If a course is posted to the UWEC transfer wizard as a direct equivalency, that is no longer valid. No exceptions will be granted. The College of Business is currently re-reviewing all business courses. 

To find a list of programs that are AACSB accredited, click here. Business students, who take business courses, at AACSB accredited universities have a higher likelihood of bringing back meaningful credit. Business students are strongly encouraged to discuss their options with their ARCC advisor. 

Website Pages to Know
We know sometimes students may ask you their questions. If you want to better prepare yourself, these pages are a good place to start. As always, don't hesitate to direct students to us, we're happy to assist!

Promotional Requests + Resources

International Classroom Speakers
Each semester a number of faculty open their classrooms to International Classroom Speakers. For the 2020-21 academic year, Study Abroad Interns will take over giving these presentations either in-person or virtually. Due to COVID restrictions, if you are in favor of a virtual presentation, that is preferred. If you are interested in having an intern talk to your class, please send the following to 
  • Class name
  • Preference for virtual or in-person. If in-person, provide class location
  • Class meeting time/days
This information will be passed along to the interns and one of them will email you to confirm specific presentation information.

The interns are also available to talk to campus organizations, residence hall wing meetings, etc.

USAC Guest Lecture 
Internationalize your fall 2020 class with a free lecture from abroad! UWEC study abroad partner, University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), is offering virtual info sessions and lectures due to suspended study abroad programs. This is a great way to internationalize your classroom and bring study abroad awareness to your students. Lectures will be provided by host country faculty in the subjects of:
  • art & architecture
  • business/leadership
  • education
  • environmental science
  • health
  • literature, language & culture
  • politics & history
  • social issues and gender.
  • To view a complete list or topics, please see this Google Doc. 
Interested faculty should complete the USAC online request form. Faculty with questions are welcome to contact Colleen Marchwick in the Center for International Education at or 715-836-4411.

Study Abroad Fair
The Fall 2022 Study Abroad Fair will be held on September 27th in the campus mall from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!  

Bulletin Board Items
Use these materials to create your own study abroad bulletin board!
bulletin board items.pdf

Faculty Teaching + Research Abroad Opportunities

To learn more, see the CIE page for International Faculty Opportunities.